6 Ways Technology is Changing your Way of Living

Over the past few years, technology has taken the responsibility of creating great resources and making them available to us. Its continuous advancement has promoted a lot of discoveries that have subsequently altered our ways of living. This article gives an elaboration on the different ways technology has managed to change your way of life. […]

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7 Technology Fads that Make Your Kids Dumber

The world today solely depends on technology in almost all aspects of our daily lives. From smartphones, to cars, TV’s and home computers. More than ever, the technology has successfully made things that were difficult before simpler by talking to a device or by a simple click of a button. In as much as this […]

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5 Untold Reasons to Buy Android Phones you Want to Know

If you want to buy a new phone, there are many reasons to make you purchase an android phone. This is because you are likely to come across an android option that fits your fancy. Unlike the rigid release cycle by Apple, Google releases new devices endlessly all year round. The problem arises when you […]

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Common Mistakes In Mobile App Development

Are You Also Making These App Development Mistakes?

Mobile app development is no more the job of only the professionals assigned by the corporate to perform the task. It has become a skill of common people and freelancers too, who develop an app and release it in the app stores. You might have also done the same after developing the app. But do you […]

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Helpful Technology for Your Disability Claim

If you have a physical or mental health condition that interferes with your ability to work, your medical condition may be classified as a disability and make you eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Obtaining SSD benefits is never as easy as saying you have a disability and are immediately granted compensation. The […]

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Enjoy Effective Online Marketing with the Help of these 6 Websites

They say that the best students are those who learn from their masters.  By consolidating information from different experts, one gets a wider knowledge about his chosen field of specialization. If before acquiring huge volumes of information requires long hours of researching on libraries, now, the tedious process has been reduced to mere taps on […]

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